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The Vision
Tourism can be a great benefit to local peoples, their economy, and for those who travel to exotic locations to explore their dreams. However, with mass tourism there are many downsides as well. Overbooked boats and tours, overcrowded beaches, pollution, and a lack of foresight often stress the natural habitat and the wildlife within. We founded Elemental group with the intention of making an effort to affect change and rethink the way mass toursim is done. The protection of natural habitats, humane treatment of animals, respectful conduct with the local peoples, and offering alternate choices to reduce the numbers of tourists visiting each attraction at any given time are objectives we wish to meet. Many tourists are not aware that it can make a massive difference simply by spending just a little more of your hard earned money with consciencious tour operators, rather than just looking for the cheapest price.  The differences are clear at Elemental. Reduced impact on the flora and fauna found in these amazing habitats. Increased safety and better service measures for your personal well being. As we all know, quality, accountability, and service come at a price. At Elemental Group, we prefer to work with consiencious operators who set higher standards for themselves than what is commonly found in the tourist industry. Whether it be using cleaner fuels, more efficient engines, higher safety standards, medically trained staff, regular maintenance shedules, ethical treatment of animals, or simply just a higher standard of customer service, the differences are clear to us at Elemental. All of our partners have proven themselves to be a cut above the status quo. We regulularly perform inspections of tours and operations to ensure that we only offer what we feel to be tours and activities that meet the level of excelence we wish to attain.  Elemental Group is an ever evolving operation.  Simply put, we are just getting started and we have set our goals high. Increased customer satisfaction, proper Marine Resource Management, reduction of waste, reduction in energy consumption, and the invention and testing of zero emmsions propulsion systems and naval hull designs are not only dreams to us, they are the reasons we are here. By booking your holiday adventures with Elemental, it allows us to achive these high goals we have set for ourselves.  We aim to lead the tourism idustry into the a future in symbiosis with nature. This will take time and a lot of hard work, but we at Elemental can see no other way to proceed if we want our future children to have any nature left to experience!  Be an explorer and let's make these first bold steps in the right direction together!  Embrace the elements and book with Elemental Group today!

(Quote: "The future belongs to those who believe in the truthfulness of their dreams," Eleanor Roosevelt)
The Team
David Smith "Smitty" - General Manager
David was born in Canada and has been living in Thailand since 2004. He is a trained PADI Instructor and has several thousand dives. David loves fish and the sea and, like everyone on the team, wants to contribute to the preservation of our environment. Through his many years of experience in tourism and dealing with the locals, David is responsible for marketing, social networking and primarily for advising our clients. He is characterized above all by his unsparing honesty, because for him the satisfaction of the customers, environmental protection and service at the highest level is ahead of the profit ... even if this often tears us a hole in the wallet. When I came to Thailand for the first time, I met David and he already convinced me with his virtues and visions, so years later he was the first choice for a business partner.
David Smith - General Manager of Elemental Khao Lak, Thailand: Sorkeling khaolak
Mother Of Nature - Land and Sea Tours
Mother of Nature or MONA for short is a tour operator with years of experience in the field of land and sea tours and consists of a team of high-level guides. Their itinerary includes only the highest quality excursions and just as we they pursue the goal of sustainable tourism that does not harm nature and promotes the region. Therefore, they are an excellent match for the Elemental family and after long discussions and selection procedures, MONA and Elemental have teamed up to bundle their competencies and operate together. We are proud that as Elemental we are now only allowed to offer tours of MONA and MONA entrusts us, in turn, with the distribution of dive and snorkel excursions for their customers. We think that with this merger we have found the perfect partner and we are very pleased about the future cooperation, from which our customers can benefit.
MONA - Land and sea tours for Elemental Khao Lak, Thailand: Khao Sok, Tours Khao Lak, Phang Nga, khaolak tempel
Willem Gladisch "Will" - Distribution Manager
Will is a cofounding member of Elemetal Group, loyal friend, and world explorer. Will and I met when he was training as a Dive Master at the dive shop I was managing. That shop is now one of our trusted partner operations. Will's charisma and honesty struck me to the bone and has since been a brother to me and will always be. Will then furthered his SCUBA training to become a PADI Open Water SCUBA Instructor and now has plenty of experience in the Khao Lak area dive sites. Will is German, born in Brazil, grew up in Germany, and now resides in Korea most of the year where he monitors our operation and website.  He is also our web designer and tech support guru. Other than being our tech guru, Will's main duties at Elemental are to care for and advise our German speaking clients as well as making regular trips to Khao Lak to inspect our SCUBA operations and dives sites. As Elemental Group's Distribution Manager, his goal is to get our message around the world to our valued customers and to listen to their feedback so we may tailor our tours to our customers needs. During his regular visits to Khao Lak, Will prides himself in talking to our guests and partners to get a better understanding of their opinions, ideas, and feelings. Will firmly believes that the protection of the evironment and cooperation with the local people is of prime importance. Through this cooperation we may find new solutions for rethinking how the touist industry should operate into the future. While Will's operations are often happening in the background remotely, his presence is felt in our main office and around the world daily.
Willem Gladisch - Distribution Manager Elemental Khao Lak, Thailand: khao Lak diving Similan Islans, Surin Islands, Richelieu Rock, Khao Sok
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